I.S. 318 is home to one of the most diverse science programs in New York City.  The main subjects taught are Physical science and Chemistry (6th grade), Life Science (7th grade) and Earth Science (8th grade). IS 318 also offers Regents classes for the Living Environment Regents exam as well as the Earth Science Regents exam.  We have 5 teachers who are members of the Urban Advantage program.   This is a program that includes hands-on scientific experiments for students as well as training in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for teachers. Our school also participates in the Billion Oyster Project which aims to repopulate the oyster population in the NYC bay area. Students tend to a pod of oysters and track their progress through a special software and share their data with the Billion Oyster Project which is used by marine biologists.  We recently started a program with National Geographic and won an award our first time participating. IS 318 also offers various after school programs in both hands-on science and problem solving as well as STEAM technology programs.

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